BeatVid – Create stunning videos from images

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Create stunning videos with minimal effort

BeatVid is a tool designed for music producers and podcasters who want to post their beat videos, podcasts and other audio content on social media. In just a couple of clicks, BeatVid creates a HD 1920×1080 video file which can be posted to YouTube and other social media platforms. Creating compelling content couldn’t be easier!

How it works

Step 1: Select a background. For best results, select a 1920×1080 image.

Step 2: Select a foreground. For best results, select a 1080×1080 image.

Step 3: Select a motion effect for the video. You can select from a range of effects: Vintage, Pixellate, Hue Adjust etc.

Final step: Select an audio file and generate video


BeatVid is available for an awesome price of FREE on the Mac App Store.