About us

Problem solvers and innovators

We are a team of technology enthusiasts with a healthy passion for emerging technologies. We can help with your business’ complete technology stack. Whether you want to develop a mobile app, some fancy graphics renderer or a complex micro-service, we have you covered.

Our work process

01 Know your user

Technology solutions work the best when the end-user’s usability experience and expectations are kept as the primary focus. We start a project by understanding the user’s expectations from the solution.

02 Build and iterate

We are firm believers of the agile methodology. We build the solution is short sprints, delivering app features at each milestone, thus enabling for a faster feedback loop from the end-user to the development team.

03 Deliver and maintain

Our work doesn’t just end after we have delivered your application. Our team assists you in the tech/dev-ops, helping keep your services running and optimized at all times.

About us

Meet our team

Preet Minhas
Founder and CEO

Preet Kamal Singh Minhas

Have a project in mind? Let’s get to work.