I’m about to start development on a new site, ByteContainer.com. ByteContainer will be a platform for discovering good & informative stuff on the web and sharing it with others. Think of it as pinterest for software developers.

After I end any project, I usually force myself to write some blogs about it. Most of the times I end up not writing anything at all. This time, I have decided to document my development progress side by side. Hoping that this approach works off.

The tech stack for this project is going to be MEAN, coupled with Redis incase I find performance bottlenecks down the line or in case I need a cache server.

Why am I using node.js? Why not something else like Java/Spring MVC?

  1. Nodejs caught my fancy a few months back when I discovered that getting a working system up & running takes a very little effort provided that you have thought things through.
  2. The server itself is going to be an API server, with no heavy calculations involved. Nodejs is a perfect fit for such a scenario.
  3. I recently deployed a nodejs app to production & it has been running smooth ever since.
  4. I wanted to deep dive into the latest & greatest technology doing the rounds.

Team Size


Dev environment

  • Mac OS X Yosemite
  • Visual Studio Code
  • For Version Control, I have a local SVN server, running on my Macbook

Prod environment

  • VPS on DigitalOcean.com
  • The node app will be loaded using Phusion Passenger running in Nginx mode
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